Scot Thompson's Player Diary 11/2

Timbers defender Scot Thompson will be providing a player notebook throughout the course of the season. Stay tuned for future entries.

So the grass is always greener when it comes to the off-season. During the six months of abysmal road trips, back-to-back games, and a season I could never dream of, all I could think about was taking a break during the off-season.

Ironically though, after about 2 weeks I'm dying to play competitively again. There's nothing worse to an athlete than not playing; ask anyone, whether they are professional or amateur. It's the most nerve-racking thing and all you can think about is when are you going to play again; that next opportunity to beat the tar out of another team just for thinking they can play against you.

So I train and train and train some more, whether it be with a ball or just running around Beaverton. It becomes a personal battle between the professional in me attempting to maintain my fitness and the lazy, unmotivated side that finds a devious pleasure in watching "The Price is Right" every morning.