Another busy week...

It's been another busy week in the front office of the Portland Timbers, but things are moving along nicely as we prepare for the 2007 season.

We got things rolling with the announcement of Kevin Meissner and Lawrence Olum a few days back, and it was exciting to have those two on board. I've spoken with both of them a number of times on the phone already and they both seem very eager to be in Portland and pull on the coveted Timbers jersey. We're certainly eager to have them here as well.

Then, at the end of last week came the announcement of Andy Mac's return to the broadcast booth this season. For me, this was a great thing to make official, as it really gives the fans an opportunity to stay plugged in to the Timbers. I'm also stoked that Andy will be a contributer here on the Timbers Beat as well, offering his insights and anecdotes from the road.

We finally got to top off the week with the announcement of signing Cameron Knowles and the league announcing the USL Live deal. Cameron's another one I've spoken to several times and he'll be quite an asset as well. Not to mention that due to his four years at the University of Akron, he and I will be able to reminisce about my home state.

The USL Live package should be really interesting. Esentially, it makes every game in the league accessible to anyone, anywhere. I know Gavin is looking forward to using it as a scouting tool, and I'm looking forward to using it for watching all the Timbers road games. It's a great step forward for the league, and hopefully it will be a springboard into even greater things.

Less than a month now until the players report for pre-season training, which means I better get busy.

-Posted by: Brad