Preseason is in full swing.

Today was the official start of Week 2 (Day 5) of preseason camp at PGE Park and the preparation for the upcoming season in in full swing. I'm currently neck deep in the media guide and gathering content for Volume 1 of the Timbers Review program. Both are coming toghether nicely.

Since I'm new to the organization, I've also had a great week or so getting to know the Timbers players, both returning and newly signed. Working on all of the new elements of the website, particularly the video news, has allowed me opportunities to get to know the guys individually. Catching up with Andrew Gregor has been fun, he and I have worked together for a few seasons now in different locations, and it's been fun to have a familiar face.

The season fast approaching. Just as the players are working hard getting ready, we in the office are also just as busy making sure things are ready to go for April 21st. Looking forward to seeing you at PGE Park in less than a month.

In soccer,
Marc Kostic