Camp Beat: Anticipation for Week 2

After the first week of preseason training camp, midfielder Troy Ready gives fans a full report on the week, their one day off and the anticipation that Week 2 brings.

Here is Troy's preseason camp report:

At the end of the first week of training camp, everyone is ready for a well deserved day off on Sunday! Amazing what a day will do for a sore body in preparation for yet another week ahead of fitness and pre-season training.

After being together for a week, it's exciting to see the different personalities both on and off the field. New possibilities are ever present with new personnel, and I think everyone is in anticipation of how we can best use our many "weapons" toward furthering the success of the club.

With week #2 approaching, more players are arriving and the squad is being solidified.

Here's to a great second week. Thanks again for your support!

- Troy