Camp Report: A new beginning ...

It's not just another preseason for midfielder Josh Cameron. The rookie and local product began his first professional preseason camp on Monday. Over the course of preseason, Josh will detail his thoughts on preparing for the upcoming campaign and how he adjusts to the professional level. 

Here is his first installment of the Camp Report:  

The Timbers season has officially started. We finally got the majority of the guys in today for our first sessions. It felt real good to be out there with everyone and get to know people. We started the morning off with some crazy weather as it was snowing when we started warming up, which made it a little hard to see. From there, we moved into some technical work (with the snow still coming down I might add). The weather than moved to some rain, and I believe we even got a little hail in the first session. Great Oregon weather!
After some technical work we played some small-sided games. The intensity was pretty high and the speed of play was faster than I was used to back playing in college. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good session highlighted by some nice goals by some of the guys.
The second session started off good. No rain, a little chilly but nothing out of the ordinary for Oregon. We warmed up for a bit, than got right into some fitness. It was pretty difficult, but Amos (Magee) got us into it fairly gradually which was nice coming off an hour and a half break from the morning session. We ran for a while, then got into a 5v5 tourney. My team made it to the championship game before falling 1-0. Pretty fun, a but physically demanding practice.
The day as a whole went really well. Got some technical work in, some playing and some fitness. The legs are a little heavy but I’ll rest them up before we start another day tomorrow. 

Posted by: Josh Cameron