Camp Report: Catching up in Week 3

Now into the third week of preseason training camp, midfielder Josh Cameron talks about having some time off, getting back into the swing of things and starting to meet all of his new teammates in his most recent edition of Camp Notes.
March 23, 2009
Here we go again-the start of week number 3… Well we started the week after two day off over the weekend. It felt great to give my legs a break over the weekend as I pretty much jut relaxed. I know some of the guys went out and walked around Portland a little seeing what is was all about.
On Monday we ended up only having one session, trying to get back into things for the week after having a couple days off. The session started off kind of rough, things were not as sharp as they should have been. This is often the case after a weekend off. We warmed up and got into some technical stuff, did some passing and dribbling. Than we got into some possession with direction. This is where we play a possession game, focusing on finding a front runner and playing off of him. This is good, because outside of playing it really helps everyone get a feel for each other and what one another might do.
We also got another player in today, Keita, and are expecting David Hayes to come in tomorrow. That will give us the most guys we’ve had all preseason. We are getting closer and closer to getting our entire squad together which is great.
March 24, 2009
Tuesday started off with a warm up, as mentioned above David showed up today. After the warm up we got into some technical dribbling and passing. Some more of those confusing drills I spoke of a couple weeks back. Haha. After this, some of the guys played a game to the big goals with keepers and some of us played with the smaller goals focusing on pressure.
After this, we got right into a round robin tournament playing 5 vs. 5; first team to win 5 games (a win is scoring first) does less fitness. It was pretty evenly matched for the most part with my team getting victory number 5 first-meaning we won the competition. I had Mu, Scott, Keita and Cameron Dunn on my team. I was just happy that supposedly meant less fitness. After we were done, we got a cool down and relaxed before the start of our next session.
The afternoon session started with a warm up, than we got into some technical passing drills with once again…more confusing drills. We gradually worked our way into some shooting. This led us to playing a ball out wide where someone would cross it and a few runners in the box tried to finish. After we were done, the fitness began. We did sprints the length of the field for about 10 minutes or so and called it a practice.
The body is pretty sore right now. Both my feet got stepped on at the same time and my legs are pretty tight. Two-a-days can do that to you I guess. Everyone iced up, took cold plunges and prepared themselves for tomorrow. That’s it for the first two days of this week. I’ll get back to you after our game on Friday and let you know how the week finished up. Take care.
Posted by: Josh Cameron