Wilkinson blogs from England

On a week-long trip to England, Timbers MLS Technical Director Gavin Wilkinson checks in with an update from his first day across the pond. He visited English Premier League club Chelsea and is set to meet with the Beswick group this evening. Here's Wilkinson's update from London:

Today, I spent the day at the Chelsea’s training center (Cobham St.) and met with several people at Stamford Bridge.

It was incredible to say the least. They had the first team training on one part of the facility and a U-13 boy’s tournament on the other with teams from Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Watford, etc.

I was very impressed. The meeting was geared around many topics, including international partnerships, players, scouting, academy curriculum, etc.

I’m now on my way to Stoke on Trent to spend the evening with the Beswick group (agents), who were responsible for trying to get Luke Rogers to Major League Soccer, to discuss other countries, scouting trips for the future and potential players for 2011.

Missing the group however Amos said guys have been brilliant and guaranteed a win.

- Gavin Wilkinson