John Strong and Robbie Earle, Timbers vs. SKC, 7.2.11

Soccer Almanac: Top 10 local announcers

In all sports there is a special connection between the fans and the voice of the team. Soccer is no different.

Certainly nothing beats a live atmosphere, but when watching a game on television, the voice makes a difference. You want him — or her — to be knowledgeable, articulate and enthusiastic. The right voice putting things the right way can often make you forget that you’re on the couch instead of in the stands.

WATCH:  Strong & Earle's call of Darlington Nagbe wonder-goal vs. Sporting KC

Recently asked fans to submit their votes for their favorite on-air talent from around the league as part of the 2011 North American Soccer Almanac survey. Here are the top 10 local on-air talents as voted by the fans.

  1. Arlo White - Seattle
  2. JP Dellacamera - Philadelphia
  3. Taylor Twellman - Philadelphia
  4. John Strong - Portland (above, right)
  5. Glenn Davis - Houston
  6. Callum Williams - Kansas City
  7. Brian Dunseth - Salt Lake
  8. Dave Johnson - D.C.
  9. Shep Messing - New York
  10. Robbie Earle - Portland (above, left)