MLS Goal of the Year, Darlington Nagbe, Kenny Cooper

2011 Goal of the Year - Second Round, Groups 5-8

Which goals wowed you in 2011? Vote now for your favorites!

They are the reason the game is played: the goals!

This year, we expanded the competition for the AT&T Goal of the Year to 64 goals. The First Round consisted of 16 groups of four, with the top two vote-getters advancing. Now we're into the Second Round. Here are the final groups of the Second Round, Groups 5-8.

Click here for the full tournament details and schedule.  

  • Please vote for one goal in each poll. Top two vote-getters advance to the Round of 16.
  • Voting for Groups 5-8 open until 11:59 pm PT, Wednesday, November 2.
  • Voting continues: Groups 1-4 (Oct 31-Nov 1), Groups 5-8 (Nov 1-2).

WATCH: Group 5


WATCH: Group 6


WATCH: Group 7


WATCH: Group 8