Eric Brunner, David Horst, Movember, 11.1.11

Timbers players grow moustaches to participate in special Movember event

November is a big month for Major League Soccer. Not only are the MLS Cup playoffs in full swing, but also the eagerly anticipated annual event of Movember to raise funds and awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer.

Major League Soccer has been an active participant in Movember, which has raised $174 million and has seen more than 1.1 million participants. This year Timbers defenders Eric Brunner, and David Horst will join players from around the league in growing out their moustaches to support the cause.

“I heard about Movember and I thought it would be fun to bring the moustache back for the month,” Horst said. “Movember’s a good cause and I’m excited to bring it back.”

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Brunner, Horst, and the other MLS players joining in the festivities will begin the month of November clean-shaven (as seen above on Nov. 1 after training) and have 30 days to grow out the best moustache they can. Fans can monitor their favorite players’ progress and are encouraged to donate at

“It’s for a good cause,” Brunner said. “It’s for prostate cancer awareness and it’s going to be pretty fun to jump on board.”

Fans can also participate through two different ways. If you are willing and able, fans can join the special Portland Timbers Movember Supporters group to grow their own moustaches and raise funds.

There is also a friendly contest between Horst and Brunner on who has the best moustache. Fans can “vote” for their favorite ‘stache by donating at least $10 to their respective pages (Vote/Donate: Brunner and Vote/Donate: Horst). The player with the most money raised wins the competition and one lucky fan from the winning players list of donors will receive a signed Timbers jersey from the newly crowned best moustache creator.

The stakes are high. Already known for the infamous Horstache that captured the hearts of Timbers fans early in the season, expectations have been raised not only for Horst, but for his fellow centerback as well.

“He gets a pretty good handlebar,” Brunner said of Horst. “His facial hair comes in a little thicker so I think [I] might have something different.”

Although Horst may have been the first Timber to capture fame through his facial hair, Brunner looks to bring his own style to Movember.

“On the [Movember style] sheet, the one I saw that is called the boxcar and it’ll just be my whole upper lip,” Brunner said. “It doesn’t come in super thick but it’s definitely noticeable. It’ll be interesting once it starts getting there.”

As for Horst, he’s still planning his style. “I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with it but I’ve got a whole month to figure that out,” he said. “It’s for a good cause, I wanted to bring the moustache back for playoffs but this is the next best thing.”

What the final product of the second rendition of the Horstache is uncertain, but when it comes to facial hair Horst is at no shortage for inspiration.

“My father had a pretty mean moustache,” Horst said. “But there’s also Burt Reynolds, there’s Ron Burgundy, there’s a lot of guys out there with some mean moustaches, but it’s a long month so who knows what can happen with it.”

What, When & Why: Throughout November men around the world are growing mustaches in support of Movember, which raises vital funds and awareness for men’s health (specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men).

Who: Started in Melbourne, Australia, the Movember phenomenon has since spread around the world and includes over 1.1 million participants since its beginning in 2003. Portland Timbers players David Horst and Eric Brunner are participating this year and Timbers fans are encouraged to join in via the Portland Timbers Movember Supporters Group.

The Contest:

  • Throughout the month of November David Horst and Eric Brunner will be having a friendly competition to see who can grow a better moustache.
  • It’s up to fans to decide who wins.
  • To vote for Horst or Brunner, visit their Movember page and make a donation (your donation must be public to be eligible for a prize)
    Vote/Donate: Brunner 
    Vote/Donate: Horst
  • At the end of the month whoever’s page receives the most donations wins.
  • Everyone that donated $10 or more to the winner’s page will have the chance to win an autographed jersey by David Horst or Eric Brunner. NOTE: To be eligible to win, you must list your name among donors on Anonymous donations will not be eligible to win. (Jersey Contest Rules)