Jake Gleeson & Troy Perkins, 2011 MLS Save of the Year

Vote now for 2011 Save of the Year: Rd of 16, Groups 1 & 2

Which saves should make the Final Round?

The 2011 Save of the Year  is organized as a World Cup-style tournament, of sorts, and it all culminates in the announcement of the Save of the Year on Wednesday, November 16.

We've now reached the Round of 16. The top vote-getter from each group will advance to the Final Round, which will open for voting on Friday, November 11.

Click HERE to see the MLS Save of the Week winners for 2011.

Schedule: Groups 1 & 2 (Nov 7-8), Groups 3 & 4 (Nov 9-10)

WATCH: Rd of 16, Group 1


WATCH: Rd of 16, Group 2