Landon Donovan vs. Clint Dempsey
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Dempsey vs. Donovan: Countdown to the showdown begins

Before Clint Dempsey's recent rise to international fame in the English Premier League, there was little doubt: The LA Galaxy's Landon Donovan was the best American field player. Ever.

But Dempsey's performances for the US national team and Fulham in recent years — and the discussion spurred on by Brad Friedel's comments in December — are now splitting American supporters, and the question that seemed so thoroughly answered with a last-minute goal against Algeria two summers ago is now, once again, open for debate.

Which leads us to this Friday's FA Cup showdown between Donovan's Everton and Fulham's Dempsey: It's the ultimate head-to-head matchup, one that promises to add fuel to the fire. will use the lead-up to the match and preview the Donovan vs. Dempsey battle with a series of articles comparing and contrasting the players, their careers and gauging what the fans say.

US legend and former Crew and Fire goal scorer Brian McBride took sides in the latest edition of ExtraTime Radio. He won't be the only one this week.

So we put it to you: LD or Deuce?

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