Bimbo Mexican All-Stars

SmorgasBorg: The All-Star opponent that tops them all

With MLS announcing today that the 2012 MLS All-Star Game will be held this summer at PPL Park in Chester, PA on July 25, speculation began on who the MLS's best would face in the popular exhibition match. Past opponents have included Manchester United, Celtic, Chelsea, and Guadalajara with the final result being not so much the focus as is the opportunity to see world-class players on the pitch.'s Simon Borg takes a different stance, however, by positing a different scenario:

"There is a rival out there who would offer a slightly more intriguing match-up than any of these traditional super clubs: MLS All-Stars vs. Mexican All-Stars." 

Building on the extremely strong national team rivalry of USA vs. Mexico as well as growing CONCACAF Champions League clashes, Borg argues that a collection of All-Stars from MLS and Mexico's Priméra División would not only give the match not only stars and excitment but also inject an interesting edge to the proceedings.

Give it a read then have your say in the poll. The idea is an intriguing one to be sure. Does the MLS All-Star need an edge? Would fans be as engaged? What do you think?