MOTM vs. SEA: David Horst
Photo by Steve Dipaola

CenturyLink Man of the Match vs. Seattle Sounders: David Horst

There's just something about the Cascadia Cup that brings out the best in Portland Timbers defender David Horst. In June, he scored his first-ever MLS goal in the memorable 2-1 win and picked up CenturyLink Man of the Match honors for his efforts.

This past weekend, Horst was dogged in his defense winning balls in the air, providing expertly timed tackles, and generally gumming up the works for the potent Seattle offense. MLS noticed and placed him on the Week 28 Team of the Week. Teammate Rodney Wallace scored an equalizer in the match against Seattle to give Portland the draw and made voting for Man of the Match tight.

In the end though, it was Horst's defense that got you hooked. With 38% of the vote, he is your CenturyLink Man of the Match.

David Horst - 38%
Rodney Wallace - 30%
Jack Jewsbury - 20%
Franck Songo'o - 11%
Hanyer Mosquera - 1%