KICKTV's 2014 World Cup Ultimate Group G Preview, Ep. 2 - Germany continues | The Backcut

Jimmy Conrad and KICKTV continue their 2014 World Cup Group G preview with a more in-depth look at Germany. Starting in Munich, Conrad spends time at Kicker magazine to learn about the growth and change of direction the team took over the past decade. Current U.S. national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann had a hand to play in that as did the Timbers' athletic performance specialists at EXOS.

Conrad also spends time with 1860 Munich, the famous Stadion pub and gets in a game of futsal all to get a feel for what makes soccer tick in Germany.

Be sure to watch Episode One of this series and keep an eye out for future episodes. Conrad is visiting each of the countries in Group G--Germany, Portugal, Ghana and the United States--with the U.S. experience happening right here in Soccer City USA.