Ax Society, 6.27.14
Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Congratulations to our June 27th Axe Society Members of the Match – Manny and Barbara Perez!

As part of our inaugural group of ticket holders, Manny and Barbara won the chance to have a VIP experience for the Portland Timbers vs. Sporting Kansas City match on June 27th, including KeyBank Club seats, and a chance to visit with Timber Joey on the field!

We asked Manny a few questions after the match.

What was your first memory of/first match supporting the Timbers?

Our first match was a wonderful experience, we scored for the first time, won the match and there was even a scuffle on the field.
My wife Barbara was even "interviewed" by KOIN Channel 6 News and her single word on TV sums up our experience for that day, "Fantastic." :)

What was your favorite moment of the match tonight?

My favorite moment of the match was the goal we scored and which was disallowed; I got so excited I didn't realize it [was called back] for quite some time.

Who would you nominate as Player of the Match?  

I know that the Player of the Match was Chara because he worked tirelessly to regain possession of the ball every time we lost it and his skills while doing so were admirable. He is such a workhorse and fearless, at that.

What is your prediction for the next match – Timbers versus LA Galaxy?

The away match at the Galaxy should be a difficult one, they are always difficult for us. But I am going to predict a 2-2 draw, with L.A. coming back to draw.

What else should we know about your Timbers fandom?

I am a diehard Timbers fan and I used to play central defender myself until well into my 40's, but it is my kid's grandfather who is a long time Timbers fan. He was here since their first year in 1975 and still remembers all the players of yesteryear by name and position. He has the old hats and t-shirts the fans used to don. I like bringing him to the game as often as I can because his passion and enthusiasm is contagious.

Our Axe Society Members of the Match experience exceeded all our expectations! My wife kept saying "Wow, I didn't know it was going to be like this! Wow!" We were treated like royalty by everyone, dinner was a five star banquet, the wait staff was fantastic, our seats were the best, the players autographed my brand new shirt, and all we lacked was a victory! Such is fútbol!


Congratulations again, Manny and Barbara, and thank you for your terrific support!

If you are an Axe Society member and would like to enter to win the title of Member of the Match, please register here.