Paul Pabst

The Backcut Podcast sits down with Dan Patrick Show producer and big Portland Timbers fan Paul Pabst

You may listen to or watch the wildy popular Dan Patrick Show for your fix on baseball, football, college sports, basketball and more. However, it's a rare show that delves deep into soccer. That, however, is about to change.

Show producer Paul Pabst is a huge soccer fan and has become an ardent Portland Timbers supporter. On many shows, you can see him at his desk proudly wearing his Timbers kit and/or scarf--particularly on match days. Knowing Patrick is a fan of any truly great sports environment, Pabst convinced the team to come to Portland to broadcast their daily show at the 750 The Game studios and then attend the Timbers game against the Colorado Rapids at Providence Park (8pm PT, NBCSN).

Pabst, however, came over to the park early today to tour the field, take a look around the locker room, see the new field seats, and sit down in the glass case of emotion for an edition of the Backcut Podcast. We talked about how he got into soccer and the Timbers, what it's like being the lone soccer advocate on a big sports show, and whether or not he can get into a game.