Fan of the match, 4.15.15
Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Congratulations to our April 12th Axe Society Members of the Match – Mike and Carey Bostwick! | The Backcut

As part of our inaugural group of ticket holders, Mike and Carey won the chance to have a VIP experience for the Portland Timbers vs. Orlando City SC match, including KeyBank Club seats, and a chance to visit with Timber Joey on the field!

We asked Mike a few questions after the match.

What was your first memory of/first match supporting the Timbers?
My first match was in 2010 with my two boys.  We had such a great time we decided to get season tickets.  My son had a blast and met the players after the game and took photos with Ryan Pore and got his first autograph.

What was your favorite moment of the match tonight?
I really enjoyed a pass Asprilla made from the corner through the legs of Shea in the second half.

Who would you nominate as Player of the Match?  
I thought Darlington Nagbe had a great match throughout the game.  His movement and skills on the field are so fun to watch.  He really stops defenders in their tracks and keeps them guessing on what he will do next.  He would get my vote.

What is your prediction for the next match – Timbers versus NYC FC?
Timbers 2-1.  RCTID!

What else should we know about your Timbers fandom?
My home office is decked out in Timbers flags and scarves and various memorabilia.  I love my seat mates in section 92, aka "The Cascade Corner".  I have enjoyed being an Axe Society member since the team's inception in 2011.  The Member of the Match experience was terrific.  We had great service from staff in the Key Bank Club along with spectacular cuisine. Our seats were great and the highlight was seeing Timber Joey and the Timber Log on the field before the game.


Congratulations Mike! And thank you for your continued support!

If you are an Axe Society member and would like to enter to win the title of Member of the Match, please register here.