2x4 | Darlington Nagbe and George Fochive
Photos by Craig Mitchelldyer

2x4 | Darlington Nagbe and George Fochive

Two players. Four questions.

In this edition, we hear from Portland TImbers midfielder Darlington Nagbe and George Fochive.

  Darlington Nagbe George Fochive
Have you ever met someone famous? Who?

Yes, Jack Jewsbury and Tom Hanks.

Yes, Zinedine Zidane.

Name the coolest place you’ve traveled and one place you haven't but would like to.

New York City Times Square; I'd like to travel to Miami.

Ibiza [Spain] and I would like to go to Japan.

Most people don't know this about me, but...

I'm the funniest person on the team. Just kidding. I talk a lot.

I am very neat (maybe even too much).

Your life depends on singing a song well. What do you choose?

"Differences" by Ginuwine.

"Au café des délices" by Patrick Bruel.