Diego Valeri painting tifo, 7.18.16
(Timbers Army)

Diego Valeri had a helping hand in the Timbers Army tifo against Seattle

Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Valeri's Sunday was pretty busy. Back in the line-up following an injury, Valeri score two beautiful goals--the second of which is up for MLS Goal of the Week--all while helping the Timbers to an energetic 3-1 win over Seattle Sounders FC.

The game had all the hallmarks of a classic rivalry match including yet another standout tifo display from the Timbers Army.

And wouldn't you know it, Valeri's creativity even had a hand in that--though it involved artistry of a different sort.

According to a story on TimbersArmy.org, members of the tifo crew invited Valeri and his daughter, Connie, to their warehouse to help paint the massive, Freddy Krueger-inspired tifo. But as they also followed the first rule of tifo, that being, you do not talk about tifo, the crew carefully covered the majority of the display to keep it hidden and asked that Valeri and Connie paint a star in a key spot on the banner.

The star, of course, was placed on Krueger's chest.

All in all, not a bad Sunday for the Timbers maestro.