Jake Gleeson #2, portrait, 5.16.17
Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Timbers Roots | Jake Gleeson grew up in New Zealand a fan of cricket and rugby

Portland Timbers players come from a variety of countries and various parts of the United States. Different languages, different cultures. Timbers Roots takes a look at some of the origins of Portland players to learn more about where they came from before they were part of The Rose City.

This latest edition: Jake Gleeson. One of the club's inaugural MLS players, Gleeson has appeared in 40 matches for the Timbers and was part of the team's 2015 MLS Cup run. Gleeson talks about his childhood in New Zealand and how he started out in soccer as a striker.

What was the name of the first youth soccer team you ever played on?
North Wellington

What position did you play?

Who was your favorite sports hero growing up?
Christian Cullen

(Action Images / Chris Barry)

What is the name of your hometown?

What was your favorite thing to do in your hometown?
Play cricket

Name one unique fact about where you came from.
It's the windiest city in the world

Describe your favorite home-cooke meal.
Sausage rolls