Eckerstrom Nadim Sykes
Craig Mitchelldeyer

Out & About | Thorns FC's Sykes, Eckerstrom and Nadim on their favorite Portland activities

Like other cities and towns around the world, Portland offers a variety of sights smells and tastes to explore and enjoy. We asked Thorns FC players Ashleigh Sykes, Britt Eckerstrom and Nadia Nadim what their favorite things to do are, both in Portland and their own hometown, when they’re out and about.

  What is the name of your hometown? What's your favorite thing to do in your hometown? What is your favorite thing to do in Portland?
Ashleigh Sykes I grew up on a farm near Dubbo in NSW, now I live in Canberra In Canberra, getting coffee with friends; in Dubbo, visiting family and enjoying the wide open spaces Powell's, I can't wait to explore the bookstore more
Britt Eckerstrom Germantown, Maryland Chasing deer in the woods with my dog and riding my bike Taco tour of Portland
Nadia Nadim Aarhus, Denmark Play street football and be at the beach Go to the food trucks