Lindsey Horan, portrait, 06.29.2017
Craig Mitchelldeyer

Five Questions | Thorns FC's Lindsey Horan on cooking competitions, Messi and hair color

1. Globally, Thorns FC have the highest attendance of any women’s professional team, averaging 16,945 fans last season. Lindsey Horan says playing in front of the fans is one of the highlights of the week.
“It’s incredible. There’s no feeling like it. I think this is such a special environment. Every team wants to come play here because of the fans we have. It just makes the game so much better and so much more intense. It’s growing the game and the NWSL. It’s truly incredible and I can’t thank them enough.”

2. After living in Portland for over a year, Horan has picked out a few of her favorite spots in the city to eat.
“I go to Kure Juice Bar too much. I like Dick’s Kitchen. Emily Sonnett and I go to Garden Bar – I go there three or four times a week. ¿Porque No? is one of my favorites.”

3. Growing up, FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi was Horan’s favorite player and someone she modeled her game after.
“When I was 14, my coach told me to watch Leo Messi. This was when he first made his debut, which I thought was cool because I think a lot of people started watching him when he was already the best player in the world. I watched him from the very beginning, and that was someone who inspired me so much. He’s such an inspiration for me and still is.”

4. If the Thorns hosted a team cooking competition, Horan believes that she and Tobin Heath would be able to win.
“Everyone on the team makes fun of me because I never cook and I go out to eat, but I don’t think they know how capable I am and how much I’ve progressed in my cooking abilities. It’s the same for Tobin. If you look at her fridge, there’s nothing in it. Tobin and I made Thanksgiving dinner, and it was phenomenal. Emily Sonnett and Hayley Raso would not win the cooking competition. They are the worst cooks on our team.”

5. Horan has had questions about her natural hair color and would like to clarify that she is a natural blonde.
“I would never go back to brunette. I was in a weird time when I was playing for PSG. I was playing poorly, and I thought it was my hair. So I dyed it brunette and then the next day I scored a diving header, so then I thought it had to be the hair. I eventually found out my mom hated my brunette hair. She didn’t tell me until eight months later, and then a bunch of other people told me that they like my blonde hair better. Blonde is me.”