Brayan Hurtado, T2 at LA Galaxy II, 03.30.19
Craig Mitchelldyer / Portland Timbers

Q&A: catching up with Timbers 2 forward Brayan Hurtado

Timbers 2 forward Brayan Hurtado has settled into life in Portland as the 2019 USL Championship campaign reaches the midway point. He quickly joined the team's scoring leaders with a run of three goals in three games at the end of June. We caught up with Hurtado on the vibe of the team and how he's getting along in the Rose City. It’s the mid-point of the season. T2 has been among the top teams in the West and getting great results on the road. How would you assess the team’s season so far?

Brayan Hurtado: I think T2 has tried to be a very compact team throughout the season and has become a very solid team, both at home and on the road. The players have adapted to one another quite well. We feel united and that is something you can feel and see every time we step on the pitch. You’ve been in a groove lately on the field. How comfortable are you feeling both in Portland and on the field for T2?

BH: I feel very comfortable in Portland because it’s a beautiful and comfortable city. People in Portland are exceptional and that always makes you feel welcomed and at ease. Now, on the field I feel very relaxed and full of trust. My teammates have helped me a lot and have trusted me and that has helped me a lot in the last few matches to perform better. Also, playing in Providence Park is very special because you feel part of something big and that helps you and motivates you to give your best in every match. Besides the language, what have been the biggest changes for you in coming to Portland and the United States? What have you enjoyed most about Portland so far?

BH: I feel my adaption to Portland is going great. It’s too soon for me to be able to communicate in English, but I have been learning as much as I can, since that was one of my goals when I moved to the United States. My teammates are great because they teach me new vocabulary every day and that helps me a lot because I can communicate quite well on the field. I also watch movies, listen to music and read in English and that has proved to be very useful. Portland is a great city to learn English.

On the other hand, Portland’s beautiful scenery and places to visit have made it one of my favorites places to be because there is always a new place to visit and something new to do. Portland is a city that takes good care of the environment and that is something I like a lot because you can always breathe clean and fresh air. I am truly enjoying my time in this city.