Breaking Lines talks with Thorns FC's Mark Parsons about USWNT, Chelsea, offseason and more

Thorns FC's Mark Parsons on USWNT, Chelsea, offseason and more | Breaking Lines | Dec. 5, 2019
Well into his fifth offseason in Portland, Thorns head coach Mark Parsons makes his Breaking Lines debut to talk about his offseason routine, the depth of coaching talent in the NWSL, and how his life changes with changes at the United States Women's National Team. Also, Parsons talks about the relationship between the NWSL and its main supply of talent (the college game), why the world has not tried harder to replicated the midfields Jose Mourinho used during Parsons' time at Chelsea, and the qualities and scarcities of the world's two most sought-after types of talent: elite strikers and world-class No. 10s.