Yimmi Chara, Timbers vs. LAFC, 10.18.20
Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Quotes & Notes | Portland Timbers 1, Los Angeles FC 1 | Oct. 18, 2020

Portland Timbers head coach Giovanni Savarese
General thoughts on the match…
“Disappointing result because we deserved the win today. I think the conditions on the field were difficult because we were from the beginning, I think, playing with a handicap of yellow cards that I think was very unbalanced. I think the players did a fantastic job. A tremendous game and we controlled most of the match, especially the entire second half. To leave this game with only one point is very disappointing because I think the players deserved a lot more because of the way we played, the opportunities we created, the chances that we had, the way we played, the way we moved the ball, how smart the guys were. As I said, conditions with two yellow cards from the beginning of the match that were very questionable. So credit to the guys because I thought that we managed the game from everything that was thrown at us very, very well. The only part that is very disappointing is that we only are leaving this game with one point instead of the three that we deserved from the performance that we had today.”

On the Timbers’ defensive performance…
“Excellent. Excellent performance. One of our best performances defensively. I believe the guys were very steady. When you play LAFC, they’re always difficult. They always find a way to be able to create opportunities and you have to give credit to them. Those two or three opportunities they created; we came up big with Steve [Clark] being able to make good saves. But overall, defensively the entire team did a fantastic job to make sure that we didn’t have that we didn’t give [LAFC] too many moments to create opportunities. We were very dangerous going forward, creating a lot of opportunities because we had the control of this match and it should have been definitely three points for us at the end of this game for the performance of the entire team, and especially the way the guys defended. We defended very, very well.”

On the mood in the locker room after the game…
“This is a result that we feel slipped out of our control because we did everything to make sure that we tried to get three points. Unfortunately, we didn’t capitalize on some of the opportunities that we had, because if we were able to find the second goal, then the game finishes completely different because that gives us a little more tranquility. Nevertheless, we’re very disappointed because we felt that we did enough on the field to be able to win this match with also the conditions that were thrown at us during the game that was very difficult for us to manage.”

On Jeremy Ebobisse’s injury...
“Unfortunately, I need more information. Right now, I don’t have enough information to be able to provide. So I will have to wait and speak to the staff and understand exactly what is his condition right now. Unfortunately, at that moment he had to come out of the match. But I will find out a little bit more information later and we’ll present it. Hopefully he’s doing very well.”

On Jeremy Ebobisse’s performance this season…
“He’s done a great job like every player in this team. I’m extremely proud of every player and the performance that everybody has put in and how much work they have put in to be able to be a strong team, a competitive team. And [Jeremy Ebobisse] definitely has been one of those players, like every other player, that has put a lot of work into it and he has shown well with goals. Credit to him, credit to the entire team because everyone is working very hard.”

On how the team looks going into the last five games before the playoffs…
“We have to right now continue to make sure that we learn from this match, move to the next game, be able to be strong the next game. We play in Seattle, which is the team that is on top of the table with us, depending how results were. I haven’t checked the results. But we need to be ready to make sure that we don’t get to decision day to try and make the playoff. That we get to decision day and try to clinch the top of the table and that’s what we’re looking for. That’s what we’re fighting for and that’s what we’re competing for.”

On how the early yellow cards influenced the game…
“I think that influenced the match for sure and made our game more difficult because our midfielders had to be extra cautious to make sure that they didn’t arrive to a tackle at the wrong time. When some moments they were going to try to get there and if they were one second late, they couldn’t go for the ball because you have a yellow card from the start of the match, especially with two defensive [midfielders], you start under difficult conditions and the situations in regards to that was a little bit unbalanced.”

On if a late foul on Felipe Mora warranted a red card for denying a goal-scoring opportunity…
“No, I do believe the yellow card at that point was the right call. Not a red card, even though [Mora] was getting in the box and probably would have gotten into the goal, but there was another player a little bit behind in the middle. So I do believe that in that one, the referee got it right. I have to look at actually the other one on Felipe. Our honesty in the game, trying to make sure that we don’t go down as easy is maybe penalizing us to be so fair and honest on the field. So I have to look again the one on Mora where he was getting inside the box and he was pulled back. He didn’t go down and he was able to shoot right after, but I have to look at that one more time. The other one I felt that the referee got it right.”

Portland Timbers forward Felipe Mora
(through a translator)
On what the team needs to do to improve and capitalize on its goal-scoring opportunities…
“Well in the last games, we scored a lot of goals. Today, we did have a lot of opportunities that didn’t end up in a goal and we need to fix those little things. And just as you say that just one time that they got to the net, they made it to the goal. But I believe we are making goals.”

On if the score line is reflective of the team’s attacking performance tonight…
“Yeah, I believe we formed really well in the last quarter of the game. We attacked really well. But as I said before, those are the little details that we need to fix to close the game on a win. So those are the details that we need to do so we can be a perfect team.”


  • Jeremy Ebobisse made his 75th consecutive appearance across all competitions. This streak is currently the longest active streak in the league.
  • Ebobisse tallied his team-leading eighth goal of the season.
  • Six of Ebobisse’s eight goals this season have come against LAFC and the LA Galaxy, recording three goals against each LA-based team.
  • The goal was Ebobisse’s fourth in MLS league play against LAFC. Only Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored more goals (8) against LAFC.
  • Ebobisse’s four goals against LAFC are the most by a player in the all-time series.
  • Chris Duvall made his 100th career MLS start in the match.
  • Felipe Mora tallied his second assist of the season. He is the ninth player to record multiple assists for the Timbers in 2020.
  • Yimmi Chara recorded his fourth assist of the season.
  • Diego Chara made his 275th career start in MLS regular-season play in the match