Thorns FC

How Thorns FC can clinch the 2023 NWSL Shield

Portland can win their third-ever NWSL Shield on CarMax NWSL Decision Day with a win, draw or loss; Learn all the scenarios

Coming off their clutch 1-0 victory over NJ/NY Gotham FC last week, Portland Thorns FC have jumped back into first place (10-6-5, 35pts) and assured themselves of a top-two finish with a bye straight to the NWSL Playoffs Semifinal on Nov. 5.

Heading into Sunday's CarMax NWSL Decision Day and their regular-season finale against Angel City FC (2pm PT, Paramount+), Portland has a chance to clinch their third-ever NWSL Shield. Here's what needs to happen.

The Thorns will win the 2023 NWSL Shield IF:

  • Portland wins against Angel City FC


  • San Diego loses to Louisville


  • Portland draws against Angel City FC AND
  • San Diego loses to or draws with Louisville


  • Portland loses to Angel City FC by seven goals or less AND
  • San Diego loses to or draws with Louisville

Should Portland and San Diego end the season even on points, it would then go to the following tiebreakers:

  1. Goal differential
  2. Most total wins (Regular Season only)
  3. Most goals scored (Regular Season only)
  4. Head-to-head results (total points accumulated)
  5. Head-to-head most goals scored