On the Pitch | Thorns Hayley Raso and Celeste Boureille talk sports heroes and personal inspirations

Raso Boureille

Every player has a different experience throughout their career, and a different reason they enjoy playing soccer. We sat down with members of the Portland Thorns FC to learn who and what has shaped their history with the game.

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<a href="/players/Celeste-Boureille"><strong><em>Celeste Boureille</em></strong></a>
<strong><em>What do you love most about soccer?</em></strong>
<p>It makes me happy doing something I really enjoy, and traveling all over the world playing the sport I love.</p>
<p>Playing makes me happy. It’s a fun, beautiful sport that brings people together from all over the world.</p>
<strong><em>Who was your favorite sports hero growing up?</em></strong>
<p>Homare Sawa -&nbsp;Japanese National Team</p>
<p>Mia Hamm</p>
<strong><em>What’s your go-to pregame music you like to listen to?</em></strong>
<p>Usually the most current music I have just downloaded, or some pump up music from my “pregame playlist”</p>
<p>Pop and hip-hop music on Pandora or Spotify</p>
<strong><em>Who is inspires you?</em></strong>
<p>My intellectually disabled brother, Jordan</p>
<p>My Grandpa, Roger</p>
<strong><em>What was the first position you played?</em></strong>