Thorns - Sophia Smith 8-5-22 - Jaden Coleman

At half-time, with the Thorns up 2-0, it was Morgan Weaver's delightful, ludicrous goal celebration that dominated the timelines. Morgan's limp-wristed hopping fit the mood in the stadium 45 minutes in. With every quick touch-and-go and clever throughball, the Thorns were proving why they are the most exciting team in the league to watch when they get going.

The final scoreline, a sobering 3-3 tie, hit like a loss. But that grim clarity allows us to fully appreciate what happened at Providence Park on Friday: Sophia Smith made history.

With her two goals, Sophia Smith, 21, became the youngest NWSL player ever to score 10+ goals in a regular season.

MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Smith, Weaver score goals as Thorns FC and Courage play to 3-3 draw

This season is far from over. The Thorns are still unbeaten in the past 10+ games, and tied for first place in the standings on points (at least until San Diego Wave FC plays on Sunday). And Smith has more records to smash ahead of her. Most immediately, the one she set herself tonight.

When she does we will all dance like Morgan Weaver.

Morgan Weaver goal celebration - 8-5-22