Timbers/Thorns Camps Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the Timbers & Thorns Camps both for boys and girls?

A: Both camps are open to boys and girls. The day camps are not divided by gender, ages 5-13. The overnight Residential camps are separate - divided by boys and girls, ages 12 to 18.

Q: How do the Timbers Camps differ from the Thorns Camps?

A: Both camp options are structured the same. Timbers campers will receive Timbers Camp t-shirt and will have a possible appearance from a Timbers player at some point during the week, while Thorns campers will receive a Thorns Camp t-shirt and will have a possible appearance from a Thorns player or coach at some point during the week.

Q: Player Appearances?

A: Only Portland-area camps are subject to a possible visit from a Timbers, Timbers 2, or Thorns player. Due to team travel and training schedules, we may not be able to guarantee an appearance -  we apologize in advance for any disappointment or inconvenience. Typically, we will have a player appearance for the full-day campers at Providence Park.

Q: How are the Timbers & Thorns Camps structured? (Full Day vs. Half  Day)

A: **Full-day camps usually run 9am-3pm and have a supervised lunch at noon. Our staff will divide campers into groups based on age/grade level.  Each coach will focus on a different skill for the duration of camp using a variety of fun activities. Throughout the day each age group will rotate to a different coach about every 25-30 minutes. The skills taught at camp include: dribbling, juggling, passing, receiving, shooting, defending, and attacking - the activities will be altered to be age-appropriate so that players will have both a challenging and fun experience.  

**Half-day camps  run 9am-12pm and have a supervised snack break in the middle of the session. Camp structure and player groups are the same as the full-day.

Q: Do I need to pack a snack/lunch or do the Timbers/Thorns provide lunch?

A: Please pack a sack lunch every day for full-day camps.  Lunch is 12-1pm and supervised by Timbers Camp staff.  For half-day camps, please pack a light snack. Campers will have a short 10-15 minute snack break half-way through the morning session.   

Q: Is water available at camp?

A: Yes, the Timbers staff will provide water at every camp. We take water breaks after every station and let campers get a drink whenever they ask. We make sure to implement more frequent water breaks during the warmer summer months. 

Q: Can I pick my child up for the lunch hour?

A: Yes, but you will need to check out with the camp director first  with ID, and check back in with them when you return. Please notify our staff at the beginning of the day If you plan on doing this.

Q: Are parents allowed to stay at camp to watch?

A: Definitely!  If camp is located at Providence Park , our Event Staff will direct spectators to a specific seating section. We ask parents or anyone other than Timbers Staff and campers to please stay off the field.  Our staff is happy to escort children to the field to help them find a place for their bags. At other camps we ask parents to stay off field.

Q: What do I need to bring to camp?


1) A signed waiver – a copy of this can be found on our website  

2) Weather-appropriate clothing (rain jacket, hat/gloves, extra dry clothes in case of heavy rain, etc.)

3) Soccer ball

4) Shin-guards and appropriate shoes (athletic/indoor shoes for indoor camps & cleats for outdoor camps)

5) A filled water bottle (maybe even 2)

6) A snack and/or lunch

7) Lots of energy!

Q: Do Timbers Camps have a lost-and-found?

A: Yes.  If your item was picked up during the week at camp, the staff will bring it back to camp the next day.  If you realize you left an item and camp is complete, please call (503)553-5576 to inquire about your lost item.  The Timbers Camp staff will check to see if it is in their possession, and  we will notify you how to pick it up.   

Q: What if I want to carpool or have someone other than myself pick my child up from camp?

A: We will be checking IDs of everyone who's picking up a camper. There is  a spot during registration to list first and last name (including parents) of who will be picking up during the week. They will need to bring a photo ID with them to check the player out every day. If they aren't on the list we will need to make a phone call before the player can leave.  

Q: How do I access a camp receipt and Tax ID #?

A: To access a camp receipt you can log back into your Bonzi account, the same account you registered for camp with. On the home page once you have logged in click on “past registrations”, that will take you to getting a receipt. If you are in need of a Tax ID #, it is 36-4652297.

Q: I misplaced the waiver form, can I access it online?

A: You can find the Timbers/Thorns Camp waiver form on our Camps webpage, or by clicking on the following link: Timbers Camp Waiver   

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We ask that if you would like to cancel your camp registration that you do it at least 4 days in advance. That way if the camp is full we are able to fill your spot with another camper. We are always able to credit your money toward another camp, but please know there may be price differences. If for some reason an emergency occurs or your camper falls ill please send an email to camps@timbers.com to notify our staff.

Q: How do I register?

A: We only accept online registrations  Please click on the “Register Now” link below any of the camp descriptions and follow the simple instructions.  If you completed registration successfully, you will receive a confirmation email. There is 1 payment option available for day camps: credit /debit card, the charge on your credit card statement will appear as “Portland Timbers.” You will make this payment on Bonzi, our registration site, when you register. 

You may only pay by check if you are registering for a Residential overnight camp: To pay by check, please send in payment in as soon as possible after registering so we have the check before the start of camp. Please make the check out to Portland Timbers and mail to: 1844 SW Morrison Street Portland, OR 97205  Attn: Timbers/Thorns Residential Camps.

Q: I didn’t receive a confirmation email, am I registered?

A: Your registration may not have gone through.  To inquire whether you are successfully registered, please email camps@timbers.com

If you have other questions or concerns that were not answered in this FAQ document please feel free to reach out to the email listed above. 

** Please understand that during the summer months (June – August) we are extremely busy, and will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience.