PTFC embodies diverse cultures, races, genders, abilities, identities, and passionate social communities through its commitment to just treatment and partnership in a global soccer network. We respect and reflect human beings by means of intentional and ongoing actions demonstrating diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging at every level of our organization. We operate with the understanding that words without action cause harm.

We are listening. We are learning. We are evolving...

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We are increasing our investment in community connections so that the rich diversity of our social ecosystem is represented by attracting, hiring, developing, promoting, and retaining a culturally diverse workforce and leadership team. Peregrine’s most visible and powerful roles are reflective of our fans and players. We do not tolerate discrimination.

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Resources are offered to pursue unbiased outcomes in all parts of our organization and to provide high-quality experiences for players, employees, and fans. All individuals who make up our diverse workforce and teams are provided with the access and support needed to thrive and feel valued in their roles. We want to hear from historically excluded groups, as purpose- driven identifiable change is our responsibility.

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We build inclusion by working to understand the impact of daily interactions and word choice. We invest in our employees so that each person in the organization is equipped with tools and skills to build and foster an inclusive environment. Peregrine Sports fosters an environment where feedback is welcomed and sought from all players and employees. Our people are our priority.

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Soccer brings people together worldwide. We manifest the game’s passion as an organization—bringing people together in the beautiful Rose City. We believe in the validity of players’, employees’ and fans’ experiences and insights—and in the ability to create together something we can all be proud to call ours.