BEAVERTON, Ore. – With the Portland Timbers well into their first week of 2016 preseason training, players have been quickly picking up where they left off from 2015. However, even though players had the shortest offseason in the club’s history due to the Timbers’ memorable late run to the MLS Cup, players made the most of their brief time away from the pitch.

Jack Jewsbury
“Probably the start of the offseason was a lot different. A few more celebrations going on with friends and family and our fan. It’s all kind of a blur, but those moments for me were extra special. My family was involved in a lot of them too, so those are moments that I’ll hold near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life. Those were fun moments, but now it’s time refocus. It’s a new year and new goals need to be set.

“I don’t get back to Missouri much to see friends and family, so [I also] went back there for a couple of weeks and hung out with them and relaxed a bit over the holidays.”

Diego Chara
“I went back to Colombia with my family to share because my younger brother [Yimmi Chara] was a champion back in Colombia too [with Atlético Nacional]. I think last year was special for us.”

Nat Borchers
“[I went back to Colorado.] It was cold. It didn’t actually snow much when we were back there but shoveling snow is not something I’m a big fan of so coming back here to the rain, I just don’t mind it at all.”

Jack McInerney
“Just a couple of trips. It was different for me because all the other teams never made the final. The postseason was so short. So I didn’t really realize how much little time I would have off. But I just relaxed, spent some time with family.”

Dairon Asprilla
“I went to Colombia and it was actually what I wanted to do after being crowned champions here. It was the right thing to do, was to go in there and share those moments with the family. So they were expecting me and we had a good time.”

Ned Grabavoy
“My family and I go back—I’m from the Chicago-land area—so we go back there and enjoy the beautiful weather (grins) in December and January, which is super special. Obviously, just chill out with the family a little bit. I knew I was going to be on the move so I really tried to make a good decision. What fit not just for myself but for my family. I’m happy I waited and found myself in a great opportunity.”

Lucas Melano
“Just having a few weeks off was just a really nice break too because you’re able to go enjoy time off with your family [in Argentina] and share those moments. Being able to celebrate the championship with them was a really good thing and now I’m back here. I’m just going to be a full season here where this is going to be now my home and I’m very excited, looking forward to just having another great season.”