Kat Williamson, Thorns FC vs. WNY Flash, 4.18.15

PORTLAND, Ore. - Thorns FC defender and captain Kat Williamson recently sat down with PortlandThornsFC.com to talk about playing for the Thorns, World Cup memories, and life in Portland.
Q.: From being a rookie on a championship team in 2013 to the team captain in 2015, your role has evolved with the club, what does it mean to wear the captain's armband and how have you grown as a player since your first season?

Kat Williamson: "It's definitely an honor to wear the captain's armband for the club; however, I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by players who are all natural leaders which makes my job so much easier. It's very humbling to look back and see the mental and physical transtion that myself and many others on the team have made in those two years and it's a credit not only to the coaching staff, but [to] my teammates as well.

Q: Do you have any fond memories of watching any previous World Cups? 

KW: "I've always been a huge fan of the Women's World Cup and I distinctly remember watching the United States play Brazil in the quarterfinals four years ago in Florida while I was in school. I happened to hop in the shower at halftime so I decided to watch the rest of the game in my towel. Needless to say, when Abby [Wambach] scored in stoppage time my towel was off and I was running around my house. I want to apologize once again to my roomates who had to witness that."

Q.: You grew up in Texas, went to college in Florida and now you've settled back here in Portland. How does your Texas personality mix with Portland?

KW: "People tend to assume I rode a horse to school and wore cowboy boots on a daily basis when they hear I was born and raised in Texas. There are plenty of differences between Portland and Texas, but it's impossible not to fall in love with this place and the people here. Texas will always have a special place in my heart, but there's no doubt that Portland has become a second home to me. The food, the outdoors, the people...the list goes on and on."

Q.: What are your top three favorite places to eat in Portland?

KW: "This could be the toughest question I've ever been asked. My top three spots are: Jam on Hawthorne, Elephants Delicatessen, and Pine State Biscuits."