Continuing our PTFC Cafe options from around the world, Timbers defender Larrys Mabiala brings in a favorite of his that is popular from central and west Africa. Born in France but representing the Democratic Republic of the Congo internationally, Mabiala has been with the Timbers since 2017.

Here is his take – with a little help from – on Attiéké with Fish and Alloco: 

Attiéké with Fish and Alloco


3 cup dry Attiéké
4 tablespoons of oil
2 teaspoons salt
Fresh onion
1/3 cup water
4 fish or fish fillets
1 tablespoon ginger
2 ~5 cloves
2 ~5 whole all spice
2 tablespoon garlic Salt to taste
3-4 large ripe plantains 4 tomatoes
4 peppers


Pour the dry Attiéké into a container. Add the water, 2 Tbs. oil, chopped onion and stir gently.

Cover and let rest 5 to 8 minutes.

Cook with steam 4 to 5 minutes while stirring, so that the grains do not attach, or steam for 3 to 4 minutes.

Attiéké, which is eaten warm, is ready to be served.

Combine 1/2 cup diced onion, 1 Tbs. ginger, 2~5 cloves, 2~5 all spice, 2Tbs. garlic, and blend well. Cover fish with this mixture.

Pan fry or deep fry fish until golden brown. Set aside.

Peel the plantain and cut into cubes. Put cubes into a bowl and add a pinch of salt to taste.

Pan fry or deep fry plantains until golden brown. Set aside.

Cut the onion in half, mince very finely and set aside in a bowl.

Cut the tomatoes in half and slice very thinly.

On a medium heat, in a saucepan, heat the oil and add the onion. Cook for 10 mins. Then, add tomatoes, cube taste and add salt if necessary.

Ready to serve. Place Attiéké and plantains separately on a plate, and place fish over a bed of the onions and tomatoes.