Sebastián Blanco joins Talk Timbers to talk about necessary competition inside the team.
Talk Timbers
Sebastián Blanco

Jake Zivin and Joe Slevin reflect on the TImbers' recent winning streak as the playoffs approach, the upcoming home game against Minnesota United, and call on special guest Liam Ridgewell to take us behind the scenes during the Austin FC weather delay. (Nachos were scarce.) 

Timbers star midfielder Sebastián Blanco then joins the show to talk about how the Timbers are getting it done: "Sometimes, you know, it's more about playing nice, playing [with] beauty. Everybody loves that. We love to [do that]. But sometimes, you just have to play well and... help the team in every moment."

He also weighs in on defender Zac McGraw's recent standout performances, which has given the Timbers' new lineup a needed edge.

"One of the players I will not play against is Zac. .Because he's an animal, He's very, very strong. And, of course, he's had the mentality, waiting for this opportunity. And now he's taking the opportunity. We know that he had the quality, But this is also what we need. Now we need that... competition inside the team."

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