Julio Cascante, Breaking Lines, 7.9.19

The leap Julio Cascante's took from Costa Rica to the United States last year pales in comparison to the plunges that came before, from starting his professional path in his early teens to, at 18, living out of a locker room in pursuit of his dream. Now, that dream finds him over 4,000 miles from home, enjoying life in the United States, and contributing regularly to the Portland Timbers.

We sat down with Julio last week at the Timbers' Training Center in Beaverton to talk about his path from Puerto Limón, quick grasp of English, new life in Portland, and recent decision to become the latest Timbers player to go blonde.

Timbers' Julio Cascante on learning English, Costa Rica and going blond | Breaking Lines | July 9, 2019 -