Eric Brunner, David Horst, Movember, 12.1.11
Portland Timbers

A Movember to Remember: Eric Brunner, David Horst, and Timbers staff help raise awareness for men's health

With the lively month of Movember coming to a close and moustaches sprouting across the city, a new Timbers moustache champion was crowned. Though David Horst’s infamous “Horstache” had name recognition and character, it was the upstart Eric Brunner “Brunnhair” that won out in the donation competition with $1,080 raised beating out Horst’s $620. A last minute Twitter campaign by Brunner pushed him over the top.

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Not only did Brunner defeat fellow defender Horst, his moustache helped raise more money than any other Movember-participating player in Major League Soccer. The next closest player was San Jose Earthquakes forward Chris Wondolowski with $750.

As part of the Movember program, each donation made to either Brunner or Horst was then entered into a drawing for a chance to win a signed jersey by the winning moustache. However, in the spirit of a good cause, a winner was selected from both groups of donors. For Brunner, Timbers fan Tim Chamberlin wins an autographed jersey and for Horst, the winner is Alison Mcenaney.

Also throughout Movember, nine dedicated Timbers front office employees grew outstanding mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health. Employees from ticketing, soccer operations, accounting, marketing, and corporate partnerships all took part in the friendly month-long interoffice competition.

 Photo: Portland Timbers

“It was a fun experience! Not only was it a great way to bring awareness to prostate cancer, but it was a fun way to bond with fellow co-workers, friends, and other participants,” said David Renner, Senior Accountant (top row, left corner).

Leigh Calvert, ticket services coordinator and winner of the office Movember competition (top row, right corner) participated in support of one of his family members who is battling cancer.

“I support anything that promotes checking for any symptoms to reduce the threat,” he said.

Not only was it a fun experience that raised awareness for a good cause, but Nate Liberman, Director of Corporate Partnerships (top row, second from right), even got a new nick name this month.

“I gave my 2-year old niece a good night kiss over the Thanksgiving weekend and her response was ‘Nate, itchy’ while rubbing her cheek and looking confused and concerned,” he explained. “Ever since that she has called me by the name ‘Nate, itchy.’”

In total MLS teams, players, staff, and participating fans raised a total of $37,830 in support of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.