2012 MLS Player Combine

MLS announces initial list of invitees for 2012 Player Combine

Fifty-two college seniors from 31 Division I schools across the nation will attempt to show MLS coaches and scouts that they have what it takes to succeed in the pro ranks when they descend on Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., for the annual adidas MLS Player Combine from Jan. 6-10.

The initial player list was determined by a panel of Division I college coaches, representing all conferences, who nominated and voted for players in conjunction with MLS coaches. These players will be joined by Generation adidas players, additional collegiate players from NCAA Division II and III schools, NAIA schools and Division I alternates.

The final player list of approximately 66 players, including international invitees and Generation adidas signings, additional Combine coaches and team assignments, will be announced at a later date.

The initial list for the MLS Player Combine is as follows:

2012 adidas MLS Player Combine Coaches List

Jim Barlow (Princeton); Jamie Clark (University of Washington); Brian Tompkins (Yale)
**additional coaches will be announced at a later date.

2012 adidas MLS Player Combine List by Position

GOALKEEPERS (4): Brian Rowe (UCLA); Chris Blais (University of South Florida); Jhojan Obando (Providence); Ryan Meara (Fordham);

DEFENDERS (16): Aaron Maund (Notre Dame); Andrew Duran (Creighton); Aubrey Perry (University of South Florida); Austin Berry (Louisville); Charles Rodriguez (UNC Charlotte); Charles Estridge (Indiana); Diogo de Almeida (SMU); Hunter Jumper (Virginia); James Kiffe (UC Santa Barbara); Justin Chavez (Tulsa); Matt Hedges (UNC); Mykell Bates (Santa Clara University); Nick Blake (UConn); Pat Sigler (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo); Shawn Singh (UCLA); Tommy Meyer (Indiana);

MIDFIELDERS (19): Alec Purdie (Indiana); Andy Rose (UCLA); Arthur Ivo (SMU); Brendan King (Notre Dame); Calum Mallace (Marquette); Christian Barreiro (UPenn); Eder Arreola (UCLA); Greg Jordan (Creighton); Kenney Walker (Louisville); Kevan George (UCF); Kirk Urso (UNC); Lance Rozenboom (New Mexico); Luis Silva (UC Santa Barbara); Michael Green (New Mexico); Miguel Ibarra (UC Irvine); Nick DeLeon (Louisville); Rafael Garcia (Cal State Northridge); Tony Walls (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay); Warren Creavalle (UCF)

FORWARDS (13): Antoine Hoppenot (Princeton); Billy Schuler (UNC); Brian Ownby (Virginia); Bryan Gaul (Bradley); Casey Townsend (Maryland); Colin Rolfe (Louisville); Ethan Finlay (Creighton); Evan James (UNC Charlotte); Evans Frimpong (Delaware); Karo Okiomah (High Point); Luckymore Mkosana (Dartmouth); Luke Holmes (Akron); Tony Cascio (UConn).

2012 adidas MLS Player Combine List by School

Akron University
Luke Holmes 

Bradley University
Bryan Gaul 

Cal Pol San Luis Obispo
Pat Sigler 

Cal State Northridge
Rafael Garcia 

UC Irvine
Miguel Ibarra

Eder Arreola
Andy Rose
Brian Rowe  
Shawn Singh  

UC Santa Barbara
James Kiffe  
Luis Silva

University of Central Florida
Warren Creavalle
Kevan George 

University of Connecticut
Nick Blake 
Tony Cascio  

Creighton University
Andrew Duran 
Greg Jordan 
Ethan Finlay 

Dartmouth College
Luckymore Mkosana 

University of Delaware
Evans Frimpong 

Fordham University
Ryan Meara

High Point University
Karo Okiomah  

Indiana University
Charles Estridge 
Tommy Meyer  
Alec Purdie 

University of Louisville
Austin Berry  
Nick DeLeon
Colin Rolfe
Kenney Walker

Marquette University
Calum Mallace  

University of Maryland
Casey Townsend  

University of New Mexico
Michael Green  
Lance Rozenboom  

University of North Carolina
Matt Hedges  
Billy Schuler  
Kirk Urso  

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Evan James
Charles Rodriguez

University of Notre Dame
Brendan King  
Aaron Maund  

University of Pennsylvania
Christian Barreiro  

Princeton University
Antoine Hoppenot  

Providence College
Jhojan Obando  

Santa Clara University
Mykell Bates  

Southern Methodist University
Diogo de Almeida  
Arthur Ivo  

University of South Florida
Chris Blais  
Aubrey Perry  

Tulsa University
Justin Chavez  

University of Virginia
Hunter Jumper  
Brian Ownby  

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Tony Walls