According to's Shut Up and Listen podcast, Thorns FC have "style & smarts"

Hang Up and Listen, Slate's all-sports podcast, was back at it today discussing Adrian Peterson's amazing comeback from knee surgery, baseball's West Coast power shift, and an interview with NBC Sports Stan Van Gundy.

But toward's the end, when they get into their "oppo tacos"--a reference to the surprise of an opposite field home run in baseball--co-host Stefan Fatsis opens up a discussion of the new National Women's Soccer League and the collection of new teams, crests, and names. Quickly running through the rest of the league, Fatsis describes Thorns FC as,  "The only team in the new league with a sense of style and smarts."

He goes on to sing the praises of the new team crest, the uniqueness in having a soccer fan help design the logo, and how these things matter.

"Smart team's take this seriously," said Fatsis. "I'm definitely taking my daughter out to Portland to watch the Thorns play."

The entire podcast can be found here with the NWSL and Thorns FC discussion beginning at about the 55:40 mark towards the end.