She Flies With Her Own Wings: Ani Draper

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Continuing the new tradition of the presentation of roses following Thorns games to the goal scorers and goalkeeper who achieved a shutout, Girls, Inc. has been sending participants from their great youth programs to meet players after the game and hand them the roses in front of the North End supporters. For an organization that looks to inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold, it's truly a special moment after the match.

June 1, 2013 vs. Chicago Red Stars

Ani is a 6th grader who attends St. Clare Elementary.

How would you like to help other girls feel Strong, Smart and Bold?
Ani:  I would like to help girls realize that they are just as strong, smart and bold as boys. I think that it is important for girls to have the same opportunities as boys, like an education. Here in the United States girls can go to school and get an education, but it isn’t that way everywhere. I would like to try to make a difference for girls that live in other countries that don’t have the same opportunities for education.

Tell us about today
A:  It was really cool watching the girls play. It was my first Thorns game. When we were walking here I was getting all nervous. But once the game got started I was really amazed by at how big it was, how many people and what the women were doing down on the field.

What makes your strong, smart and bold?
A:  Something that makes me strong is that I listen to my inside voice. Something that makes me bold is that I’m not afraid to tell other kids if they are being mean. If someone is not being respectful to another kid I tell them to stop – in a way that is not completely rude about it. I just get the point across that they are doing something that is wrong.

What was your favorite part about today?
A;  Probably watching them warm up and practice. I also like watching them head it – they are so fast.