Maximiliano Urruti, Timbers vs. Rapids, 9.20.13
Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Q&A with Portland Timbers forward Maximiliano Urruti

About the MLS
Congratulations on your debut for the Portland Timbers. What did it feel like after getting those first minutes with your new team against Chivas USA?
Maximiliano Urruti: I was incredibly happy to know that I was part of this great group. I believe that they have a good philosophy in how we play. Truthfully, being here I am just very happy and I want to try to demonstrate each day that I am able to be here to get more minutes.

How have you been received by your new teammates and your coach Caleb Porter?
MU:  The group is great. They received me well which is fundamental. Caleb Porter is a good coach who knows what he wants and that is very important for achieving big things with this team.

What advantages have you been able to gain by sharing the locker room with not only one of the leaders of the team but also your compatriot, Diego Valeri?
​MU:  It is a beautiful thing knowing that I share the roster with him. He is a great person and every piece of advice that he gives me I take because I know that he is an important player with a great career. I always listen to him.

The qualification in the Western Conference is very tight and Portland has opportunities to be in the playoffs. How does the team prepare to face the homestretch of the regular season?
​MU:  We have a lot of drive to qualify. The team always gives everything in all the training sessions and in all the games. We are going to try to continue to improve so we can do well in the playoffs.

There are a lot of Argentinians doing great things in the MLS. What do you think is behind such a quick adaption to the league?
​MU:  It is a league that is becoming very strong. Argentinians come here to compete because it is a good league and doing well and which makes me happy. I hope a lot more payers continue coming because this league is a beautiful league to play in.

What does it mean for you to play in Major League Soccer?
​MU:  It is a great satisfaction knowing that I can play in this league and that the club contracted me to be an important part of the team. I will try to do as much as possible to be able to achieve important things with Portland.

After the first few practices with the team, who is the player that has surprised you the most as a player?
​MU:  Jose Valencia is a very important player. I like him because he is really intelligent. With that said, I feel that all the players are great and that is important. It is great to have a roster that all think big. That is what we’re to achieve with Portland.

About the Argentina National Team
The National team has already qualified for the World Cup in Brazil 2014. Where do you think they will finish?
​MU:  Like everything Argentine there is always the mentality to win the World Cup. I believe that the team is very good and will be able to fight through to the top spot easily.

Will it be the World Cup of Lionel Messi?
​MU:  For me, he is a player that you can’t equal. I hope that he has a great World Cup and that he will be able to win it. I think winning the Cup is very important for him.

Do you believe that the three players of Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Gonzalo Higuain form the best front line in the world?
​MU:  Yes, the three players are incredibly important and they demonstrate it every day. I know that they are going to achieve great things.

Maximiliano Urruti
How would you describe yourself as a footballer?
​MU:  I am a number nine. I like to move between central midfielders and always be there to finish, so for that reason, I'm a forward.

Up until now, what is your favorite memory as a footballer?
​MU:  The championship that we achieved with Newell’s Old Boys. It is something that I will never forget.     

What do you like to do before you play a game?
​MU:  I like to listen to music. I like Cuarteto because I lived in Córdoba.

How has it been adapting to a new city?
​MU:  It is a beautiful city. I am lucky because my girlfriend is here with me as well. Also a big thanks to Diego Valeri because he has helped me out, helping me get to know different places and is always with me. The truth is that I will be forever grateful to him for that.

What do you miss the most about from living in Argentina?
​MU:  I always miss my family but that is the life of a footballer. You go different places and you have to adapt to each new place you live.

Rapid Response
Favorite food?
​MU:  Pasta.

Favorite movie?
​MU:  “The Hangover”

Favorite music?
​MU:  Aside from Cuarteto, I also like David Guetta.

Favorite Vacation Spot?
​MU:  Miami.

Soccer idol?
​MU:  Ronaldo. The Brazilian one.