Rachel Van Hollebeke knows what Olympic gold tastes like | The Backcut

The 2014 Winter Olympics got off to a flying start this week with skiing, hockey, bobsled, biathlon and more all from Sochi, Russia. Athletes from around the world have been vying for a taste of gold, silver or bronze on the global stage.

And we do mean taste. 

It is a curious habit of Olympic winners to bite the medal. You'll see them on the podium, on social media, video and now, a McDonald's ad.

But for the eagle-eyed among us, you may also catch a familiar Portland Thorns FC face among those shown caught in the act: defender Rachel Van Hollebeke. Van Hollebeke received a gold medal with the U.S. Women's National Team in the 2012 London Summer Olympics and has numerous cameos in the nationally broadcast ad. 

 Keep an eye out for her and root for your favorite Olympians!