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Portland Timbers partner with Woodblock Chocolate for special bar and giveaway | The Backcut

Timbers fans will soon have another addition to the already abundant local carte available at home games this season: Woodblock Chocolate, a local small-batch chocolate manufactory, is partnering with the Portland Timbers to bring a dose of sweet to the confines of Providence Park.

Located in the Buckman neighborhood in southeast Portland, Woodblock is run by husband and wife team Charley and Jessica Wheelock. They work out of an old-school kitchen, with special consideration given to process over speed and are one of the few bean-to-bar chocolatiers in Portland. The Wheelocks spend time sourcing, husking, roasting and grinding their beans before they become snacks for folks in 15 U.S. states and in stores abroad.

The result is that the bars produced by Woodblock are all handcrafted, hand-wrapped and made without the trappings of modern, processed confectionery practices. Every chocolate from Woodblock has a minimum of 70% cacao content, giving their bars a rich, intense flavor.

“The Timbers bar has been crafted with the fans in mind,” says Charley Wheelock. “The flavor profile is a toasty caramel note of Peruvian cacao, earthy plum flavors of Ecuador, combined with salt and crunchy nibs.”

Adding Woodblock to the Timbers’ local fare is something that the Wheelocks have been looking forward to for some time. Providence Park already features several local options, including the fan favorite Portland Timbers Food Cart Alliance above section 93 in the south end.

“We are Timbers fans. Who wouldn't want to be able to work with their home town team?” says Charley.

The release is coupled with a “Golden Ticket” promotion, with five random bars distributed at both Providence Park and retailers across Portland holding claim to a special prize.

Winners will receive a Timbers scarf, flag and a team-signed jersey. Woodblock will add to the loot with a special Woodblock Chocolate gift box that includes a variety of chocolate bars, baking chocolate, a bag of roasted cocoa beans and a jar of mendiants. Those who uncover one of the tickets will also be invited to a day with three of their friends at the Woodblock factory.

“The Golden Ticket promotion is a fun way to let people into our world. When people see what we are doing, they always leave with an amazing new understanding and appreciation of chocolate,” say the Wheelocks.

The bar will be available April 5 for purchase at Providence Park with it also available at Woodblock retail partners in the coming weeks. It represents an exciting expansion, both for the Timbers as they search for local partners, and for Wheelocks themselves.

“Portland is a town of untamed self-expression. Like the Timbers, we celebrate that free spirit in our work.”