Nadine Angerer, Thorns @ Sky Blue, 4.19.14
(Photo courtesy of Sky Blue FC)

Q&A: Thorns FC goalkeeper Nadine Angerer

Editors note: This Q&A with Portland Thorns FC goalkeeper Nadine Angerer was taken from the match-day program on April 26 against FC Kansas City at Providence Park. For each home match, one Thorns FC player is featured in a Q&A as part of the program. See who will be this week's featured player as Thorns FC take on Seattle Reign FC at Providence Park at 4 p.m. (Pacific).

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What have you enjoyed most about Portland since you’ve joined the Thorns?
“I’m so happy to be here because I think it’s exactly the city that fits me. I’ve met so many nice, different, cool people. I call them ‘positive weirdos.’ It’s cool. We had a day off and I walked through the city. I feel so at home here because I like the people so much. I walk with a smile through the city. I like coffee and coffee bars and I think, especially on the east side, there are so many cool individual places, alternative places. I like to explore that area. I also want to discover the marvelous landscape around Portland. I want to get to know [downtown and the outdoors].”

You’re known for being a lover of hats. Do you have a favorite hat that you wear a lot?
“I don’t have a favorite hat. It started like 10-15 years ago and I started wearing hats. I think they fit me and I like to wear hats. I have a lot, but always when I buy a new one I’m going to throw an old one away. So I have maybe 10 different hats.”

What can you tell us about your plans involving a VW Bus?
“I bought this VW Bus, but I’ve sold it now. I’m going to buy a new one when I’m back in Europe and it’s still a dream to drive through Africa with my VW Bus.”

What has winning the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or as the the world’s best female player meant to you?
“This was an honor for 2013. I’m really proud of it, of course, but it belongs to my past now. Now, I’m here in Portland. It’s a new season and I have to prove myself again. So I can’t rest now because I won the Ballon d’Or. It’s a nice honor, but I’m looking forward. I have to perform again. I have to prove myself again. It’s a new year, a new season, a new club. Everything starts from zero.”

Did you bring the Ballon d’Or to Portland with you?
[Laughs]. No, no, no … My parents keep it at home. It’s really big and really heavy.”