How Soccer City USA is American Soccer: Jimmy Conrad & KICKTV take World Cup Group G preview to PDX | The Backcut

They hit Germany.

They visited Portugal.

Now Jimmy Conrad and KICKTV turn their attention to another team in this summer's 2014 World Cup Group G: The United States. What better way to explore what makes American soccer great than a visit to Portland and Providence Park?

Conrad has a unique history with Portland having served as a color commentator last season for a few games while also bringing KICKTV on location to experience the Timbers Army a few seasons ago. 

This time around, however, they examine how Portland and the Pacific Northwest are contributing to the overall American soccer character. Conrad visits with Timbers CEO Merritt Paulson to hear his thoughts on the high expectations to get out of the Group of Death, Ring of Honor member Mick Hoban on his hopes for a "quantum leap" in the USMNT's overall development, as well as hearing from fans around the stadium and inside the unique Timbers Army Fanladen.

When it comes to soccer, Conrad concludes, "Portland is a great example of what this country is capable of."