2014 Stand Together Week Day Three: Boxing, Packing, and Kicking it all feature heavily as #STWeek continues

The 2014 edition of Stand Together Week continued apace on Wednesday with Thorns FC players working alongside fans and volunteers across Portland. Rebecca Moros, Sarah Huffman and Sinead Farrelly were at "I Have a Dream" Oregon, Jessica McDonald and Jackie Acevedo had a striker team up at the Oregon Food Bank, Mana Shim helped lead a soccer clinic with AC Portland, while Acevedo and Emily Menges hit up Kateri Park. Finally, Amber Brooks and Courtney Niemiec contributed to helpers at the Volunteers of America.

Plus there was some seriously competitive boxing competition going on.  No, not that kind of boxing, see below to find out more.

Many Portland Timbers players and staff start in tomorrow but let's take a look back at some of the highlights of today via the conversation on line with #STWeek.