World Cup: How is it that World Cup teams are scoring so much?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has had some spectacular goals: Robin van Persie's Superman-esque header, John Brooks' fantastically dramatic snapdown header and today's glorious Lionel Messi strike (see above).

It would seem like all this tournament is is goals. While there have been some fantastic performances from goalkeepers--hello Mexico's Guillermo Ochoa--as well as some rather turgid matches--goodbye Japan and Greece's 0-0 snoozer--there's no denying there's been a much more offensive display in Brazil. In fact, in comparison to the 2010 edition in South Africa, through the same first 10 days of the tournament, there have been a full 26 more goals this time around.'s Armchair Analyst Matt Doyle takes a look at the formational changes in this tournament and looks to explain why and how certain teams have had more success than others.