Portland Timbers statement on Centerplate CEO

"We share the outrage of many of our supporters regarding the recent video that surfaced of Centerplate CEO Des Hague's mistreatment of a dog in an elevator. Please understand that we have a quality local team of more than 100 Centerplate employees whose employment the Timbers have direct recourse over should any issue arise. In addition, the Centerplate team at Providence Park hires a large number of local nonprofits each game and concession sales are a vital part of those nonprofits' fundraising efforts.

"In terms of this situation, our current Centerplate contract is a legally binding agreement and we need to operate within the parameters it allows. We have urged Centerplate to take appropriate and decisive action here. When the contract expires we will carefully review whether Centerplate is a company with which we want to continue to associate. The Timbers actively seek to partner with companies that share our commitment to community outreach and ethical behavior. This is the first issue we have had with Centerplate in our 10+ year relationship with them. Centerplate is a global company with hundreds of accounts like us."

- Portland Timbers