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NWSL releases preliminary list of players eligible for 2015 NWSL College Draft

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) announced today the preliminary list of players eligible for selection in the 2015 NWSL College Draft, which will take place on Friday, Jan. 16 at 9:30 a.m. (ET) at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Convention in Philadelphia.

Registration for the 2015 NWSL College Draft will close on Wednesday, Jan. 14.

The draft will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and will be open to the public. Fans will also be able to follow the draft on NWSLsoccer.com as well as on Twitter (@NWSL). In addition, the NWSL will be hosting a Live Draft Chat on the league’s website including expert analysis from Division-1 women’s soccer head coaches.

For more information on the draft, including the most updated Draft order, visit here. You can also find the selections from the 2013 Draft and 2014 Draft on NWSLsoccer.com.

For the preliminary list of eligible players, see below.

Name Position(s) College
Tessa Andujar D University of Florida
Chelsea Archer M University of Washington
Julie Arnold D University of Texas
Jessica Ayers M Colorado College
Allie Bailey M/F Texas A&M University
Audrey Baldwin GK Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Kate Bennett M/F University of Washington
Jaycee Bingham D/M/F California State University, Fresno
Cassandra Black M/F Eastern Washington University
Lauren Bohaboy M/F University of Notre Dame
Kelsey Booth M/F San Diego State University
Mikhaila Bowden D Boise State University
Caroline Brawner M/F Colgate University
Morgan Brian M University of Virginia
Bianca Brinson F Texas A&M University
Taylor Burke GK University of Florida
Paige Burnett GK Northeastern University
Bianca Calderone D Northeastern University
Gabrielle Charno D University of Connecticut
Whitney Church D Pennsylvania State University
Gurveen Clair GK Washington State University
Kaysie Clark M/F University of Missouri
Rikki Clarke M Southern Methodist University
Savannah Coiner D Clemson University
Danielle Colaprico D/M University of Virginia
Tatiana Coleman F University of Central Florida
Taylor Comeau M/F University California Berkeley
Kiyomi Cook D/M University of Oregon
Tori Cooper D/M/F University Of Colorado Boulder
Daphne Corboz M Georgetown University
Megan Cravenor M University of Cincinnati
Abigail Dahlkemper D UCLA
Sabrina D'Angelo GK The University of South Carolina
Morgan Dankanich F United States Naval Academy
Jordan Day GK Texas A&M
Taylor Dearbaugh M/F Xavier University
Theresa Diederich M University of Alabama
Kelsey Dinges M Miami Universtiy
Gilda Doria M Duke University
Megan Dunnigan D Stephen F. Austin State University
Caprice Dydasco D/M/F UCLA
Luisa Echeverry M/F Hofstra University
Laura Eddy D/M University of Georgia
Chandra Eigenberger D/M/F University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Brooke Elby D/M/F University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Jamia Fields M/F Florida State University
Chrisalyn Fonte D/M University of Nevada
Krystyna Freda M/F Winthrop University
Alexa Freguletti D/M Monmouth University
Bianca Frontino D/F University of California, Irvine
Brooke Gilbert D/M University of Texas at Austin
Megan Giles M/F Oral Roberts University
Arin Gilliland D/F University of Kentucky
Shea Groom M/F Texas A&M University
Kristin Grubka M/F Florida State University
Karina Gutsche D University of Florida
Victoria Hale M/F Texas State University
Samantha Harder D/M University of Denver
Kelsey Haycook F La Salle University
Brooke Hendrix M/F The University of Southern Mississippi
Kristi Hestdalen GK University of North Dakota
Jaelene Hinkle D/M Texas Tech University
Riley Houle M/F University of Connecticut
Justine Hovden D/M/F Baylor University
Molly Huber M/F Missouri State University
Sofia Huerta D/M/F Santa Clara University
Whitney Jaynes D/M University of Texas at Austin
Yanci Johnson M/F Northwestern State University
Bianca Jones D University of Colorado, Boulder
Hannah Kernen M/F University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Sarah Killion M UCLA
Alyssa Kleiner D/M/F Santa Clara University
Hannah Kronick F Johns Hopkins University
Lo'eau LaBonta M/F Stanford University
Cloe Lacasse M/F The University of Iowa
Sharis Lachappelle M/F University of Texas at Austin
Taylor Leach D University of South Carolina
Victoria Leigh D/M Rutgers University
Emily Lillard GK University of Miami
Samantha Lofton D/F James Madison University
Mary Luba M/F Marquette University
Kimberly Marshall D/M/F Wake Forest University
Jennifer Martin M/F University of Central Florida
Stephanie McCaffrey M/F Boston College
Samantha Mewis M UCLA
Kai Miller D Boston University
Kelley Monogue M/F Texas A&M University
Ali Myers M Texas State University
Courtney Nelson D/M/F Bucknell University
Taylor Nelson D/M California State University Long Beach
Megan Oyster D/M UCLA
Melanie Pickert D The University of Iowa
Amelia Pietrangelo M Rutgers University
Katherine Ponce M/F Towson University
Jaclyn Poucel D University of Pittsburgh
Shade Pratt D/M/F University of Maryland
Devin Prendergast D/M University of Connecticut
Zuri Prince M/F Stephen F. Austin State University
Cambria Privett M/F University of California, Irvine
Alex Quincey D/M/F University of Southern California
Chelsea Raymond M/F Stephen F. Austin State University
Brooke Rice D/M/F University of Colorado
Kendall Romine D Stanford University
Katelyn Rowland GK UCLA
Cory Ryan M/F University of Maryland
Brittanie Sakajian M/F California State University, Northridge
Vicky Saravia M/F St. Thomas Aquinas College
Claudia Saucedo F William Carey University
Mckenzie Sauerwein GK University of Missouri (Mizzou)
Tatiana Saunders GK Dartmouth College
Taylor Schneider D/M University of Notre Dame
Stefanie Scholz F Rutgers University
Kate Schwindel M/F West Virginia University
Samantha Scofield D/M University of Notre Dame
Samantha Scolarici F Hofstra University
Jade Seabrook D/M United States Naval Academy
Nicole Setterlund D/M Washington State University
Lauren Silver D/M University of Florida
Allie Sirna D University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jaclyn Softli F University of Washington
Havana Solaun M/F University of Florida
meredith speck D/M Yale University
Annie Speese M University of Florida
Caroline Stanley GK University of Southern California
Abigail Steele GK University of Oregon
Amber Stobbs M/F Hofstra University
Ashlie Stokes M Drake University
Meghan Streight D/M Texas A&M University
Kaitlyn Stroud GK University of Kansas
Jacquelin Strug D/F Northwestern State University
Katelin Taylor M/F University of Utah
Rachel Tejada F Illinois State University
Quinny Truong M Rice University
Deandra Turchi D/M Rowan University
Chioma Ubogagu M/F Stanford University
Caroline VanSlambrouck D The University of Kansas
Stephanie Verdoia M/F Seattle University
Maruschka Waldus D/M University of Alabama
LeAndra Walker D California State University Northridge
Cara Walls F University of Wisconsin Madison
Carleigh Williams D University of Central Florida
Lynn Williams F Pepperdine University
Katie Yensen M/F Virginia Tech