Poll of the Week | Of all of Diego Chara's career goals, which is the best?

Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Chara had a great weekend. He scored on a breakaway against FC Dallas in the team's 3-1 win, he celebrated his 29th birthday on Sunday and on Monday, Timbers fans voted him the McDonald's Man of the Match.

Long a crowd favorite, Chara is tireless on the field with energetic tackles, key passes, and a work rate that places him all over the field.

Though not a goalscorer in the typical sense, he is respected by many for his key role on the field and charismatic smile. Perhaps it's in part because of said smile that when Chara does score, it's a sight to behold. The talented Colombian has five goals in his career of 122 MLS games. 

The Poll of the Week then is easy to pose, but difficult to answer: Which Diego Chara goal is your favorite?